Box Office Information

Box Office Hours
The Maverik Center Box Office is OPEN ON EVENT DAYS ONLY; AT 2PM! 
For questions regarding an existing box office order - Please call 801-988-8888 or email [email protected].
Individual tickets to Maverik Center events can be purchased at:

Maverik Center Box Office              (onsite) 
Ticketmaster Website                Ticketmaster 
Tickets may be purchased at the Maverik Center box office with all major credit/debit cards ON EVENT DAYS STARTING AT 2PM!
Additional box office fees apply to each ticket purchased through the Maverik Center box office.
Box Office Location
Located on the 2nd floor in the Grand Lobby, enter through the southwest side of the building and take the elevator or outside staircase to the 2nd floor.
Will Call / Pick Up Window
The will call window(s) is located at the Main Box Office on the 2nd floor in the Grand Lobby for all events / shows. Tickets are released only to the person whose name appears on the Tickemaster account header card or will call envelope. No one will be given tickets designated for another person. Proper photo identification is required. A signature from the person authorized to pick up the tickets will be obtained at the time of the pick up. After the Box Office closes, all unclaimed tickets will be available for pick up at the Centennial Management administration offices located on the 1st floor.
For the safety of our guests, performers, and employees, Maverik Center may require guests to walk through magnetometers as they enter the building. Any guest who declines to be searched may be denied entry from Maverik Center.